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MuslimFest brings to you our 150 Muslim Contributions to Canada: A Mixed-Media Exhibit!
Help us collect and curate 150 stories of Muslim contributions to Canada - we will be displaying them a our launch event at MuslimFest 2017. The exhibit will  host short stories, poetry, photography, visual arts and short films. The exhibit is slated to be toured for up to a year after the festival.

What we need from you is to tell us how you would capture a contribution in a 3-7 minute short film if provided with $500.

Check out for more information on the theme or e-mail us at if you have any questions or concerns.
Contact Information: *

1) Full Name (First, Last)
2) Full Address (Apt. #, Street Name, City, Province, Postal Code)
3) E-mail Address (should be one you check frequently)
4) Phone Number (should be one you use regularly)
5) Your biography (max. 250 words)
Eligibility: Our exhibit is open to submissions from all visual artists, storytellers, filmmakers, photographers, and spoken word artists interested in celebrating Muslim contributions to Canada.

Pre-Amble: All submissions are welcome adhering to the guidelines noted below. Final decision will be at the discretion of the Selection Committee (made up of culturally and professionally diverse community members) to ensure that submissions adhere to the objectives of MuslimFest and the theme of the exhibit. Upon final selection, the Selection Committee will determine how and where the submission will be presented based on the submission type and and objectives of MuslimFest and its exhibit. 

Due to the family-friendly nature of our festival, all persons submitting their work to the exhibit will conduct themselves in a professional, responsible, and respectful manner if they are in attendance at MuslimFest, including refraining from using unsuitable language, behaving in an objectionable fashion, committing any act(s) that can potentially endanger and/or harm the audience. Primarily for onstage performances such acts include, but are not limited to, inviting members of the audience onto the stage; throwing objects into and/or onto the audience; jumping into and/or onto the audience; and encouraging inappropriate, dangerous, violent, and/or rowdy behaviour among audience members.

All persons submitting their work to the exhibit will refrain from damaging the venue of the exhibit. Any damage or disruption caused to the venue of the exhibit shall be rectified immediately at the the person’s expense.

General Guidelines: For the purpose of this exhibit, we will accept the following genres: visual art (2D, 3D, digital), film submissions, short stories, spoken word, and photography. This exhibit will accept submissions that may have been produced previously, however, submissions must not be copies, derivatives, or based in any way on other copyrighted or published work. Submitter or their representatives are not required to be in attendance for the exhibit.

Content of Submission:

- Content messaging adheres to celebrating contributions of Muslims to Canada. 
- Content is free from any form of discrimination based on sex, age, colour, race, disability, sexuality, social or economic status, lifestyle, culture, or political or religious beliefs.
- Content is free from all forms of foul and vulgar language.
- Content is sensitive to the cultural and social sensibilities of all audience at MuslimFest.

Please reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns.

What is the contribution you are going to highlight in your short film? *

We are looking to collect 3-5 minute short films about a Muslim individual/group or organization and how they impacted the larger community (so extending their efforts beyond the Muslim community).
Do you have a film crew or team of volunteers that will help you execute your project idea? *

If given $500 for the film, how would you allocate and budget the money? Give us a numerical breakdown using categories. E.g. Equipment Rental: $200, Travel Expenses to Film Location: $50, etc. *

You are allowed to use the money for equipment rental/purchase, props, printing costs, honorariums, travel expenses, personal salary/fee, etc. If you end up purchasing any equipment though, that would become the property of MuslimFest at the end of the production. You would also have to ensure you keep invoices/receipts for all expenses in order to receive the $500.
What is your projects's projected timeline? By when do you anticipate completing the final product of the film? Include when you plan to have drafts ready by so we can monitor the progress of the project.

The exhibit's launch is August 5th and 6th and we wish to have all of our content finalize by the 1st week of July.
Please provide a link for any short films you have previously made. *

Disclaimer: I understand that applications will be assessed on an on-going basis and capacity may fill-up before the June 16th, 2017 deadline. I also understand that while MuslimFest will take care of storage and transportation costs once the art piece is in its possession, applicants are responsible for mailing/shipping (and associated costs) the intended art piece(s) by June 30th, 2017. *

Disclaimer: I have read the submission guidelines and understand final decisions will be made by the Selection Committee. *

Disclaimer: I understand that I am making a commissioned piece that will be the Intellectual Property of MuslimFest. I will be fairly credited for my work wherever it is shown/displayed. I also understand that I will be under contract with MuslimFest and will need to adhere to the contract in terms of staying on schedule, properly documenting my expenses and the final story that will be highlighted in the short film. *

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